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Good Night Out logoThis International Anti-Street Harassment Week, ULU is excited to announce that we’re launching the Hollaback! Campus Online application system on the Hollaback! ULU Website. We’ve had amazing feedback from many unions who want to get involved with Hollaback! and the Good Night Out project, so we’ve cut out the physical paper work and have made the application accessible online! The application is split up into our main sections: basic details, zero tolerance policy, support services and staff training, and has been designed to help unions to gain Good Night Out venue accreditation.


What is a Hollaback! Campus? 
A Hollaback! Campus is active in stopping sexual harassment on campus, in surrounding areas of campus and online. If your campus doesn’t have clear zero tolerance policy or systems in place for reporting sexual harassment, it’s probably time to start hollering back! Being a Hollaback! campus means that sign-postage on who to contact about sexual harassment will be made accessible, staff on your campus will be in the know on how to support students who have been sexually harassed, and your campus will be a part of the London-wide campaign to combat sexual harassment. It all starts by signing up!

Does your Institution have a Student Bar or Club?
Good Night Out is the first ever London-wide campaign to end sexual harassment on nights out, backed by some of London’s most high profile venues including Ministry of Sound and Fabric. Posters informing students of the zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and staff resources are provided by anti-harassment group Hollaback! London. For more info, see:
(NOTE: These programmes are currently only available for UOL/London Campuses)

Where do you sign up?

Want more information?
Email the ULU Women’s Officer at [email protected]


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