I ♥ Consent Workshop Training day | 3rd May 2014

Register for: I  CONSENT Workshop Training Day #3


I ♥ Consent Workshop Training day for London students!
This is a free and interactive training day for students who want to give inclusive consent workshops on their campuses.

This Workshop training day will cover:
– How to present a workshop
– How to start the conversation
– Effective visual Campaigns
– How to facilitate activities
and much more!


12 – 3pm = Workshop Training (Limited Spaces)
4 – 6pm = Consent Poster making at The Play House

To secure your place please email your name, institution and any accessibility issues you may have to: [email protected]
Please put [Consent] as the email subject!


See you there 🙂

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Sign up for Hollaback! Campus Online!

Good Night Out logoThis International Anti-Street Harassment Week, ULU is excited to announce that we’re launching the Hollaback! Campus Online application system on the Hollaback! ULU Website. We’ve had amazing feedback from many unions who want to get involved with Hollaback! and the Good Night Out project, so we’ve cut out the physical paper work and have made the application accessible online! The application is split up into our main sections: basic details, zero tolerance policy, support services and staff training, and has been designed to help unions to gain Good Night Out venue accreditation.


What is a Hollaback! Campus? 
A Hollaback! Campus is active in stopping sexual harassment on campus, in surrounding areas of campus and online. If your campus doesn’t have clear zero tolerance policy or systems in place for reporting sexual harassment, it’s probably time to start hollering back! Being a Hollaback! campus means that sign-postage on who to contact about sexual harassment will be made accessible, staff on your campus will be in the know on how to support students who have been sexually harassed, and your campus will be a part of the London-wide campaign to combat sexual harassment. It all starts by signing up!

Does your Institution have a Student Bar or Club?
Good Night Out is the first ever London-wide campaign to end sexual harassment on nights out, backed by some of London’s most high profile venues including Ministry of Sound and Fabric. Posters informing students of the zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and staff resources are provided by anti-harassment group Hollaback! London. For more info, see: http://goodnightout.tumblr.com/
(NOTE: These programmes are currently only available for UOL/London Campuses)

Where do you sign up?
Here: http://ulu.ihollaback.org/hollaback-campus/

Want more information?
Email the ULU Women’s Officer at [email protected]

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Good Night Out @ ULU

The Hollaback! ULU Report which was released in 2013 showed that 53% of respondents had either personally experienced or witnessed sexual harassment.

The Report also revealed that the majority of students did not think that their institution had a clear system for reporting sexual harassment and many said they did not feel that they would be believed if they chose to report an incident. In order to help tackle this problem, we’re launching ‘Good Night Out’ – a training guide for staff in students’ unions. It aims to help clubs, venues, bars and pubs to better deal with, address and prevent the harassment of women and LGBTQ people in their spaces.

‘Good Night Out’ offers some basic, practical information and advice about how to deal with reports of harassment as well as outlining a 50-minute staff training session that can be used in union venues. The guide also provides a definition of sexual harassment as well as an explanation of how it can intersect with other oppressive behaviour. The guide works alongside the Hollaback! ULU Charter which all students’ unions across the University of London are invited to sign.

If you would like to find out more information about Hollaback! ULU or Good Night Out then please visit  the Good Night Out tumblr microsite (http://goodnightout.tumblr.com/). You can also get in touch with ULU Women’s Officer, Susuana Antubam – womens@ulu.lon.ac.uk

Come to ULU tonight to celebrate the launch!

Download the ‘Good Night Out’. Students’ Unions Staff Training Guide here

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After our mega successful beautiful hollaback! ULU riot night back in November we’ve decided to run another one to celebrate the beginning of ULU Women’s History Month Festival!
Tickets are £5 ON THE DOOR, £4 ADVANCE TICKETS – plus if you buy in advance you’re automatically entered into a raffle to win a Thelma and Louise Hollaback/ House of Astbury tshirt!


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New submission from Rebecca Livesey-Wright

Today, on Valentine’s Day:

I stopped a man in the process of following a 15 year old girl down a dark street; I saw a husband yelling at his wife in the tube station telling her, amongst other things, that she was “a mess” just because she was drunk; got in a fight with a guy in Piccadilly Circus because I refused to accept the fact that he followed me to tell me that “every guy was looking at my ass”, as a compliment; and was told to “Fuck Off” when I reluctantly, after persistent questions (and being followed, again) answered a question for directions.

I refuse to accept these instances as common day-to-day events.

I refuse to lay down and not react just because I am a woman.

I refuse to not call these events out as sexist.

All women and all men, all non-gendered and trans* people, join with me, stand with me, rise with me to fight sexism and inequality.

#1billionrising #rising4justice #everydaysexism

Please share this and spread the message.

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Creepy man in Tescos

Went to Tescos to get an onion after a session at the gym. My first one ever. A man cornered me in the veg section and kept making comments about my bum. I tried to ignore him and nobody around me said anything. He kept asking for my name. I felt so uncomfortable I left the shop without getting anything.”

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Drunk guy on Brick Lane

“I was walking down Brick Lane and a drunk man on the street leaned across his friends and mine to lunge at me. He grabbed me but we pushed him away and told him to fuck off. His friends and he then got so angry at us and shouting at us. What had we done?!”

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He told me I’d ‘breached etiquette’ and was ‘a f****** little b**** c***’

A rugby player from KCL followed me home on the basis that he needed to protect me (he’s claimed being brought up among army officers meant this was what he HAD to do), despite my repeated protestations that I walk home alone most nights. He At first there were two guys and it felt vaguely amusing but when the main guy sent his friend home, things became creepy. When I finally got sick of ignoring him, I told him to leave me alone. He demanded a hug and kiss for his services. I said I’d shake his hand (to try and get him to go), he then attempted to grab me and hug me despite my making it clear that I would only shake his hand. When I told him not to grab me without my permission, he told me I’d ‘breached etiquette’ and was ‘a f****** little b**** c***’ who deserved ‘whatever was out there’. He finally left, making sure to shout about what an ungrateful b**** I was for not honouring his unwanted advances.

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